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Our Logo

  • The clinic takes its concept from the "Banyan Tree" (Eternal part of this city).
  • The tree has its connection with numerous worshipped gods vis a vis the leaf of Banyan tree is said to be the resting place of 'God Krishna'.
  • It depicts eternal life and expansion.
  • It is also called "Kalpavriksha" meaning 'wish fulfilling tree'.
  • Our motives are entirely based on the above facts.
  • The interiors of the clinic are in brown and green to give you soothing environment as provided by the shade of a Banyan tree.


  • The gentle approach of all the team members towards our patients is bound to make you comfortable.
  • Ample parking space in and around the complex.
  • One of the best commercial complexes in Vadodara with respect to cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Separate washroom for patients inside the clinic.
  • Automated Intimations regarding appointments (software generated).
  • Doctor available on phone for any post or pre treatment queries.
  • Facilities in patients waiting room
    • Magazines, books and television with channels subscribed for all age groups.
    • Hot and cold drinking water.
    • Toys for kids.
  • Ample lighting and space.
  • Introducing "patient log in" page in the website for updates on treatment done and appointments schedule.


  • We are committed towards providing quality dental care.
  • At Vadodara Dental Care, we believe in providing personal attention and devoting adequate time.
  • Authentic and certified dental materials.
  • Link to your quality statement.
  • Feedback book available.
  • Continuous upgradation of materials and methods.

Hygiene Concepts

Separate used and clean instruments' zone


  • We follow strict sterilization protocols in the clinic.
    • Disinfection of waterlines using medical grade disinfectants.
    • Ultrasonic cleansing with disinfectants.
    • Front loading autoclave of a standard company.
  • Regular pest control.